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2018/2019 Waec Gce Physics Practical questions and answers expo/Runz

Waec Gce 2018/19 Physics Practical Answer | Waec Gce Physics Practical Answer – september/October Expo | 2018/19 Waec Gce Physics Practical Answer | 2018 Waec Gce Physics Practical

Neco 2018/19 Biology Objective And Theory Answer And Question | Exam Expo - may/june

2018/2019 Physics Practical Answer Exam Expo, Waec 2018 Physics Practical Questions And Answers Expo Runz Now Posted For Free

¶ Ensure tight connection s.
¶ Avoid error due to parallax when reading the voltmeter

(i) ¶ Length of wire
¶ nature of wire

(ii) Total resistance,
R = 3 + (3×3)/(3+3)
R = 4.5 ohms

Current, I = V/R
I = 6/4.5
I = 1.33 A

1aix )
i ) I avoided parallax error in reading clock / weight balance
ii) I ensue repeated readings are taken to avoid random error
i ) I would ensure that the terminal are well tightened to avoid partial contact
ii) I would obey the connection of positive to positive to negative when connecting to circuit.
Pls Tabulate:
Relative density, or specific gravity, is the ratio of the density (mass of a unit volume) of a substance to the density of a given reference material. Specific gravity usually means relative density with respect to water.
Given volume of solid immersed
Vsi =1/2*30cm³
Density of liquid (water)ew= 1g/cm³
Acceleration due to gravity, g = 10m/s²
Upthrust, U= eVsi g
U= 1000*(15*10^-6)*10
Weight of solid =mg
=EsVs g
given: Es=2.4g/cm³ (2400kg/m³)
Vs=30cm (30*10^-6 m³)
Weight, w=30*10^-6*2400*10
Reading on spring balance =W-U

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Waec Gce Physics Practical Expo

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