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Will Ferrell Establishes USC’s Full Women’s Soccer Scholarship


The University of Southern Golden State declared on Tues the endowment of a full scholarship for women’s association football through can Ferrell and his woman, Viveca Paulin.

The donation making the Viveca Paulin and can Ferrell Scholarship Fund is an element of USC’s Heritage Initiative fundraising drive begun in 2012 whose goals embody raising $283 million, $1 million for every of the 283 scholarships provided in USC’s twenty one varsity sports.

USC won NCAA women’s association football championships in 2007 and 2016, one in every of four colleges to win multiple Division I women’s association football titles.

Ferrell, United Nations agency graduated from USC in 1990, could be a half owner of the l. a. soccer Club, the foremost League association football team which will begin play in 2018 at Banc of Golden State construction, adjacent to the l. a. Memorial amphitheater and USC.

Paulin, associate degree auctioneer, compete association football at Pomona faculty. Their 3 sons — Magnus, Mattias and Axel — all play association football.

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