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Two 3.5-Year D.Phil. Studentships for UK/EU Students at University of Oxford in UK, 2019


The Department of branch of knowledge at Oxford is giving 2 three.5-year D.Phil. studentships, out there from January 2019. The spot is obtainable to UK or EU nationals solely.

This formidable programme can develop and apply up-to-date experimental and theoretical techniques to create new breakthroughs within the rising field of [email protected] sensing technology. The vision is to harness the structural, physical and chemical diversity of MOFs to afford nanoengineering of revolutionary useful devices for detection of mechanical, chemical, thermal, electrical and optical stimuli.

The Department of branch of knowledge at Oxford is that the solely unified department within the UK that offers authorised courses altogether the main branches of engineering – our students develop a broad read of the topic a lot of appreciated by employers, however may select from a awfully wide selection of specialist choices.

Scholarship Description
Applications Deadline: November sixteen, 2018
Course Level: Studentships ar out there to pursue Doctor of Philosophy programme.
Study Subject: Studentships ar awarded in Nanoengineering of good Materials.
Scholarship Award: every spot covers a regular payment (tax-free maintenance grant) of £22,000 p.a. for the primary year, and a minimum of this quantity for an additional a pair of.5 years. The spot doesn’t cowl the payment of University fees (c £4463 p.a. UK/EU students) or faculty fees (c £3215 p.a.).
Nationality: The spot is obtainable to UK or EU nationals solely.
Number of Scholarships: 2 studentships ar out there.
Scholarship are often taken within the UK
Eligibility for the Scholarship
Eligible Countries: The spot is obtainable to UK or EU nationals solely.

Entrance Requirements: candidates should meet the subsequent criteria:

The spot is obtainable to UK or EU nationals solely.

Candidate demand

Prospective candidates are going to be judged in step with however well they meet the subsequent criteria:

A first category or high higher second category honours in branch of knowledge, Physics, Nanoscience, Materials or Chemistry;
Experience of materials-oriented analysis incontestable by a publication in a global conference, journal, or a superior final year project report;
Excellent English written and speech skills;
The following skills ar fascinating however not essential:

Experience of nanomaterials characterisation techniques (for spot 1);
Experience of ab initioquantum mechanical process techniques (for spot 2);
English Language Requirements: candidates should have glorious English written and speech skills.


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