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Courses Offered In UPSA | University Of Professional Studies


List Of Courses Offered In UPSA | University Of Professional Studies.

University of Professional Studies (UPSA)

The Management of the University Of Professional Studies (UPSA) has published the List of Courses Offered.

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Accounting and Finance


The faculty has two main Departments:

•    Department of Accounting
•    Department of Banking and Finance


Post Graduate programmes:

•    Master of Business Administration in Accounting and Finance
•    Master of Business Administration in Petroleum Accounting and Finance
•    Master of Business Administration in Auditing
•    Master of Business Administration in Internal Auditing

Undergraduate Programmes:

•    Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Accounting
•    Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Banking and Finance
•    Bachelor of Science (BSc.) Actuarial Science

Professional Programmes:

•    Institute of Chartered Accountants, Ghana (ICAG)
•    Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) U.K
•    Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) U.K.
•    Chartered Institute of Bankers (CIB), GHANA

Diploma Programmes:

•    Tertiary Diploma in Accounting


The Faculty boasts of a state of the art Lecture Block Complex (LBC), Ultra-modern Library Complex, well-furnished lecture halls equipped with projectors, white boards and microphones for lecturers’ and students’ use.

There is a large Conference Room where the Faculty and students hold seminars and conferences. In addition, private study rooms for use outside lecture hours are also available.

The LBC also houses offices for lecturers and administrative staff.

Research Areas

•    Financial Analysis
•    Risk Control Strategies
•    Management, Accounting and Financial Strategies
•    Audit and Internal Review
•    Taxation
•    Public Sector Accounting
•    Macro Economics
•    Development (poverty, Income distribution, Unemployment Issues)

Courses Offered In The University Of Professional Studies (UPSA) | Management



•    Master of Business Administration in Corporate Governance
•    Master of Business Administration in Marketing
•    Master of Philosophy in Leadership
•    Master of Science in Leadership
•    Master of Business Administration in Total Quality Management


•    BSc Marketing degree programme
•    Bachelor of Business Administration undergraduate programme


•    Tertiary Diploma in Marketing
•    Tertiary Diploma in Management

Courses Offered In The University Of Professional Studies (UPSA) | Faculty of Law


•    Constitutional Development
•    Democratic Governance
•    Rule of Law
•    Politics in Ghana
•    The Judicial System


The Faculty Offers the following programmes:

1.    Four (4) year LL.B for Non-Degree  Holders (Full Time)(Day) for which the entry requirement is grade C6 or better in three (3) core subjects and three (3) elective subjects. A pass in selection test and an interview.
2.    Three (3) year Post Degree LL. B (Full Time) (Evening) for which the entry requirement is a good first degree from a recognized University and a pass in a selection test and an interview

Courses Offered In The University Of Professional Studies (UPSA) | Information Technology and Communications Studies


The faculty has two main Departments:

• Department Information Technology Studies

• Department of Public Relations


Undergraduate Programmes:

•Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Information Technology Management

•Bachelor of Arts (B.A) Public Relations Management

Diploma Programmes:

*Diploma in Information Technology Management

*Diploma in Public Relations Management



*Artificial Intelligence

*Audience Research

*Crises Communication

*Cyber security

*Diplomatic Relations

*Gender Studies


*Corporate Social Responsibility

*Information Systems

*Language Studies

*Marketing Research

*Media Studies

*New media

*Computer Science

Institute of Professional Studies

Taught Programmes

The Institute of Professional Studies is the only public tertiary institution in Ghana currently mandated and accredited to provide both Degree and Professional programmes in the academic disciplines of accountancy and management. Since its establishment in 1965, the Institute has been collaborating with the following Professional Bodies:

It has since been training students for aforementioned professional examinations.

Courses Offered In The University Of Professional Studies (UPSA) | School Of Graduate Studies


The idea of collaboration is central to our work at the School of Graduate Studies. As a faculty and staff we have collaborated with practitioners, Alumni, regulators and students to shape our programmes to suit the meets of employers and individual aspirations and contemporary practices. In view of this motive, the School of Graduate Studies has collaborated with the following professional bodies:

Institute of Chartered Accountants Ghana (ICAG)

This agreement was signed to align the syllabus in MBA in Accounting & Finance to meet that of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Ghana. The focus of this collaboration is to equip our graduates with current accounting practices and also exempt them from the first and second level of the ICAG examinations.

National Association of Local Authorities (NALAG)

The focus of this collaboration is to assign our students to members of these organizations to provide academic and professional recommendations to their challenges.

Chartered Quality Institute

This agreement was signed with the mother body of the Chartered Quality Institute in the United Kingdom (UK). The focus of this collaboration is to exempt all graduates of the MBA Total Quality Management to become automatic members of the institute. The formation of the Local is in progress.

Collaboration with Internal Audit Agency (IAA)

In collaboration with Internal Audit Agency (IAA) and with the Support of the World Bank, the University of Professional Studies, Accra designed the Master of Business Administration (Internal Auditing) at the tertiary level to meet high level academic and professional needs of the public and private sectors of the economy.

Possible Collaboration with (CIA)

Management is currently considering the proposal to collaborate with the Institute of Internal Auditors to position our students towards becoming professional certified Internal Auditors

Courses Offered In The University Of Professional Studies (UPSA) | Evening School

The Evening School of the University Professional Studies, Accra covers all the four mainstream Undergraduate Programmes as well as four Diploma Programmes. These are:

Bachelor of Science in Marketing Programme
Bachelor of Science in Accounting Programme
Bachelor of Science in Banking and Finance Programme
Bachelor of Business in Administration Programme
Diploma in Accounting
Diploma in Marketing
Diploma in Public Relations Management
Diploma in Management

Courses Offered In The University Of Professional Studies (UPSA) | Distance Learning School

The emergence of Distance learning is changing dynamics of teaching and learning at higher education globally. The demand for tertiary education, nationally and worldwide, in the last few decades has outstretched the limited resources of educational institutions.  In short, access has become critical and is available to a few. The solution has been to utilize innovative approaches including Open Distance Learning (ODL). The Ghana Government policy on Tertiary Education and education technology innovations worldwide provides the policy framework for Ghanaian Universities to increase access to tertiary education.  In response, UPSA has taken up the challenge to increase access to tertiary education and training through the Distance Learning School (DLS).

The introduction of Distance Learning School at University of Professional Studies, (UPSA) Accra is in line with one of the strategic objectives of the University that states: “Establish a Virtual life-long learning Centre to meet the diverse needs of non-traditional and off-campus learning.” The DLS avails opportunity for cross sections of professionals and students to take advantage to enroll to be part of the university system.

The target learners for the DLS are professional and students who cannot take time off their hectic schedules to join the normal face-to-face or traditional mode of teaching and learning. Some of these students are found within and without the country. In addition, these targets learners are potential future professionals whose courses are located at UPSA.

UPSA’s DLS aspires to be a world-class open distance education provider in both academic and professional disciplines, nationally entrenched, regionally recognized and globally relevant. The UPSA’s DLS vision is to increase access to both asynchronous and synchronous professional tertiary education and training through blended mode of distance education.

UPSA’s DLS strives to provide flexible open distance education to promote higher professional education and training in business and other social science related disciplines by leveraging a structured mix of Scholarship with Professionalism.

UPSA’s DLS provides quality professional and demand driven tertiary and lifelong educational programmes and courses through the use of emerging new technologies.
Mode of Operation

The pilot phase will involve both undergraduate and graduate School programmes. The DLS adopts the blended or hybrid method of teaching and learning. Blended learning method will be deployed by using multiple teaching and learning strategies, a range of technologies in combination with face-to-face interaction and the deployment of both physical and virtual resources.

The DLS has a number of facilities, which will enable it carry out its mandate of teaching and research in the University. UPSA has in place an open source platform known as Moodle. Currently, faculty members have been using the platform in delivering their courses. UPSA DLS will expand the use of Moodle platform and add up other open source software plug-ins to enhance the usage of the platform.  There shall be Ultra Modern Distance Learning Centre, where both faculty and students could use to enhance teaching and learning.
Piloted Graduate Programmes

The following Graduate School Programmes are going to be deployed through blended distance learning mode:

  •     MBA in Accounting/Finance
  •     MBA in Corporate Governance
  •     MBA in Marketing
  •     MPhil in Leadership
  •     MBA Petroleum Accounting and Finance
  •     MBA Internal Auditing
  •     MBA Total Quality Management

The programmes Undergraduate programmes will follow suit in subsequent academic years

Courses Offered In The University Of Professional Studies (UPSA) | Weekend School

The programmes run by the School include BSc. Marketing, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Bachelor of Science in Banking and Finance, and Post-graduate programmes.

Above is the complete, official and accredited list of courses offered in UPAS.

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